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We're all completing 45km in February to raise funds for hearing research at the Bionics Institute!

We're taking part in the Bionics Institute Couch to your KM Challenge and completing 45km in February to help people with hearing loss!

Hearing loss affects millions of people worldwide and can lead to delayed language development in children, isolation, loneliness and reduced educational and work opportunities.

The Bionics Institute is a world leader in the development of life-changing hearing treatments.

Your support today will help speed up their research and get new treatments into the clinic so that everyone can experience the joy of hearing.

Every donation, no matter how big, makes a real difference!

Thank you for your support - it means a lot!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Gerald And Susan Williams

Congratulations Team Hemideina!


Kristina Konstas

Run faster!


Liz & Kris

Go Team Hemideina!


Sarah Thomas



Get off that couch Lizzy!